Picture Prompt: The Yellow Sun

Little things don’t get our attention, usually.

Like the yellow of the sun on a normal evening, we don’t wrap our minds around and appreciate it.

This world is full of such beautiful things.

Incidentally, gratitude for such things (and generally) can have ripple effect.

As a person, the mind is in chaos every day, and one way to take the mind on a pleasure ride is to focus on little things, what you would rather ignore on a normal tiring day when you would rather fall on the couch like a log.

Nature comes as a gift for us all to admire.

David Thoreau knows better and he explains in his book, Walden. And we all can see, unless we are in blatant denial of beauty.

Here is a picture of Under G in Ogbomosho, Nigeria, taken by @Oluwatobilobasimi.

Darkness is changing the sun gradually, a key moment of transition between day to night.

Nature stares at us — trees, darkness, the yellow sun, the sky and the blending of all this.

Did you notice how the sun is teaching us monochromatic colours?

Just around the sun we see the different, varying hues outwards to the sky and around the world of the picture.

It reminds me of watching the sun retreating into the clouds while I was young (an act I seldom do till date) and how the world can be so slow unlike the — so slow you can’t decipher when the sun disappears finally.

When I sit and watch, I remember beautiful things about my past, I would have been a teenage or early twenties millionaire.

Watching, a thought cross my mind that I will keep telling everyone who does not appreciate a given moment.

Listen, this will be taken away from you. This moment will be taken away. The weather right now and the worries in your head.

In same frame of mind, I think about the age, the location and everything — pains and joys, victories and losses — it will all go.

And no matter what, tomorrow, the sun will resume and life kicks off to bustle, tussle and hustle. You will wake to find the sun back and ready for its job. You have no excuse.

Tobi captured it and we can reflect on it.

Not only nature, there is a presence of man-made feature though; an electric network stands high like a design in an art drawing.

A picture like this reminds of what it used to be sometimes before the night ceases the day. It’s calming. It’s beauty. And it reminds me inspiration is everywhere.

Beauty, at times, is in the simple things. Appreciate it.

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