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After money and respect, why it pays to be a uniquely different blog writer

I know the power of words.

It’s potent, like watching the magic in a fantasy movie — it can push you to places or wake up emotions.

On the internet, the use of words for contents is as easy as going to Google and scrapping resources together to make something ‘new.’

There are exceptions.
And prior to writing this blog post, something happened: the birth of an idea. And I will tell you.

A couple of days ago, a mail slide into my phone. It was from Pocket, containing a list of the most saved content for the year 2018.

It will fall into one of the topics I don’t care about, I thought, like Artificial Intelligence or blockchain or those frequent topics about Donald Trump.

I was wrong.

The top content was ‘How to Pick a Career That Actually Fits You.’

Well, that post is written by Tim Uban and (if you have read it) it is like one of the best session with a psychologist, dishing out the best wisdom about what you need to do to make a meaningful life out there.

You might be wondering what you’re really getting into here. So I will tell you.

It pays to be creative as a writer especially as a blogger, and especially on the internet where a lot of contents fall into every day. Most are recycled.

Generally, great content makes your head pops, alerts your mind and stretches your thinking.

So I will revise the first sentence in this post.

Some words can change your life. (That’s the similar tagline for creating this blog.)

Many writers have banked on this idea real big, and you can trust it will make a big difference if you follow suit.

Beware of snakes; they can swallow your money

As a writer in this age, most of my readings are on the internet.

And I remember reading a blog post like this humorous one: ‘We ran a poultry first; then the poultry ran us mad.

That headline got me curious and I clicked the post. I wasn’t disappointed with what I read.

In fact, the headline said ‘this post is going to be humorous’ and it did, even more than I expected.

I kept the link on my bookmark and mentally saved the title in case something happens to my phone.

Later, I read a news headline and found it boring, I had to change it in my mind. The news was about some missing money and how it (allegedly) got missing to snakes. So I created a new headline, ‘Beware of Snakes, They Can Swallow Your Money.’

I was just playing around with ideas for a better headline and that came up because I thought people would want to read that headline. My mind went back to when I have seen, read something humorous and created something I think would be better.

And that brings us to the first reason why it’s important to be different in a unique way as a writer.

Ideas for everyone

If you read good stuff, you are going to create good stuff, so Stephen King says.

Apparently, if you create bad stuff as a writer, blame it on the stuff you read, your source of inspiration. And it’s your fault too for being so dependent on the poor contents for inspiration.

The first thing every blogger should know is that writing creatively at its best is helping other writers to create great content. Assume that someone will take inspiration from it and you have got the picture. It’s like digging a well, knowing for sure you won’t drink the water alone.

Personally, I have many blog posts I look up to for inspiration when I’m writing and I know the sharp irons did brush my blunt iron at some point.

Attending a healing crusade

Let’s go back to the beginning of this blog post for a moment. The Tim Uban’s post.

When you read it, it feels like you are going through a session with a psychologist to cure you of making a mistake of a lifetime.

You know you spend more than 50% of your life with your career (including the time you spend learning the required skills.) Choose a wrong career and you are going to spend a lifetime in regret and sadness.

Now I get it. People are focused on their career, they don’t want to make mistake and that’s why the post get so many views and the highest number of saves.

Well, that’s half of the truth.
Reading the post, you will feel the creative ability of the writer and ask where or how he gets his inspiration. The post is a very helpful one. It reveals conventional wisdom every one of us might have had in choosing a career.

Tim went further to lay down in an actionable guide on how a reader can choose a career that fits her perfectly. It’s a blog post more like the best self-help book or special seminar on choosing career. When you finished digesting the insightful post, you come out with ideas for solutions, and as a knowledgeable person.

There are other blog posts like this one or this one. And I believe, everyone has some saved in their Pocket App or bookmarked on their browser.

In summary, writing uniquely and creatively solves people’s problem. Even plain humorous content can make a tired or sad person feel excited.

If what you write on the internet is helpful enough, it is because you give your best into it and it starts by reading some of the best contents that have been ever written.

I write about Nails, how can I make it creative and interesting?

Bad news— creativity cannot be bought.

Except you are hiring a creative professional, you have to work new things outnon your own and satisfy your audience.

What I mean is this: if you’re going to write your content yourself, you can’t buy creativity. You have to sit down and disturb the chords in your brain. Things like seminars and courses could help till it gets to the time to put your knowledge to test. Or, the hard way, you have to learn it on your own, experimenting and trying— for a long time, maybe years.

You have to work things out and fail and try again. And again. Again. When you understand creativity so much, it becomes a subconscious action, even though you play it cool at times, that spirit won’t keep quiet.

And, no, it’s not about acting funny in a formal setting, like a clown on church pulpit (everyone would love it, but they aren’t there purposely to laugh). It’s about creating ‘your best way’ to write a post.

Now to your question….

To write creatively about nails, something as simple and lifeless as that, you have to read a lot and practice. I mean the type of experiment I did early with ‘Beware of snakes, they can swallow your money. ‘

It would be poor at first, but things will change with consistency and many attempts. Find something beautiful and think about how. Some arts go into play and it can be mastered only by studying the masters and the best through books on the craft and blog post.
And if everything fails, there’s another suggestion towards the end of this post that can help.

Some simple questions to ask all the times are:
How can I be more creative?
What can I do to write better?
How can I do what the best in the games are doing?

Finally, passion will guide you

The word passion has been used over time to describe the things we can’t stop doing — the things we love doing without getting paid for it.

And I believe if you are very interested in a topic, you will try to understand it deeply and it will rub on your blog posts when you produce.

Does that click?

Good, it did.

Actively get interested in your topic (or niche). Or rather if you have something of interest already then become a ‘professor’ on the topic.

Acquire knowledge, get experience. How you go about it is up to you. But your future reader will thank you (and pay you) later when you start talking about the topic as if get the knowledge from a genie.

And I pray I read your posts when they arrive.

If you missed it, these are the reasons to blog creatively:

  • Serve as inspiration for others
  • Solves people’s problem
  • Makes you a respected teacher of a topic

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