How Being Specific Can Make Your Life and Work Easier

Get serious. Get serious. I mean, get specific.

If we should meet today and we are to talk about your future plans, it’s likely you will mention some irony.

You will say a little about your plans because I’m a stranger. And who knows if I’m a reporter for a gist blog.

Not spelling out some information is fine. But it affects your achievement of success and your level of productivity when you are planning your day or your life as a whole.

When you plan your life, and you are using generic language – like I want to succeed, it makes you work without concrete results.

You won’t know what you are getting into.

Now before you spend a week boiling water without a clear goal of what to do with it, let’s save some gas and electricity.

Definitely, your life will get less complicated if you are specific with everything you want.

Even positive affirmations will make your blood pumps so you will get to work every day. In order words, you get motivated regularly.

Here’s how.

Getting more out life

There is this mail based on this research which says when workers get specific (with every detail about location and time) of their schedule, they are likely to be more productive.

It’s like this. If you say you want to go to travel to Dubai tomorrow for an appointment and you add the exact time, it’s more likely that you will go, provided you have the money.

It works like that literally and below is a serious and meaningful example.

What, where, when and why? Even how?

Let’s assume you created and you want to put many blog posts on it.

That’s a big goal you have there – a big, unspecific one at that.

Based on the knowledge that it’s likely to get more done if you’re specific, rewrite the goal by adding some details. It becomes: I want to get 100 blog posts on this blog.

It’s getting clearer like we are zooming on a picture. But we can’t make out the tiny cat in the picture yet. So we get back to zooming.

Add time. Then the goal will become: I want o to write a 100 blogs before the end of December 2019.

This updated goal has a higher chance of getting achieved.

You can start thinking about HOW that is possible. For instance, since you live in Kuvuki Island and electricity is unstable, you will have to move to Lagos or you simply find another source of electricity if you want to work form your room.

Now Add location. The goal will then look like this: I want to write a 100 blog posts before the end of December 2019 and I’m publishing them from my room.

That’s it! My friend, you can start publishing on your blog.

You know WHAT you are up to, you know WHERE you want to do it, and you know WHEN the whistle will be blown to end this game. Perhaps this is why a game gets tough when the final minutes draw nearer.

If those 100 blog posts will be shared on other platforms, your ‘WHERE’ might include those places you want them – Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, Nairaland.

It’s just about adding more precise details to make life easier and success achievable.

Apply this knowledge to other things in your life and see how a vague, baseless, lifeless goal will rise from the dust and stand before its saviour (you), ready to be accomplished. Say you want to send out a hundred mail in a year, you can break it down and make it simpler and know exactly what you have to do in a month. (I suck at math, so you help me verify. Is that not 8.33 mails in a month?)

Now you are getting the picture?

Life can be simple if everything is made simple and clear.

You are not only trying to build a house. You are going to get a thousand blocks laid every day on your site at a location (you live at some island). By 12 noon, you should have 500 blocks arranged on one another.

The writing life and being specific

As a writer, I have heard the advice to be specific many times.

Mary wore a blue dress. Her mother works at a secondary school where boys come with catapults to hunt lizard at noon and girls are waiting for class to end so they can turn some raffia to mats.

That’s specific than saying: Mary wore a dress. Her mother works (well, in a school).

Details are like salt to your writing stew, none at all will make your writing bland – tasteless.

Every good communicator and marketer (and writer) obey this rule.

I won’t get into writing lessons, but the point is being specific can make your writing compelling.

Making the whole write up specific is important. Know the exact one thing you want to achieve with a write-up.

For this post, I want to show my readers how being specific can make their life easier. If there’s another thing to say, it’s better to make another post for that or change the main objective for this post.

You see, if I had made the main objective to be complicated or vague than that, it will be harder to start typing.

Procrastination will come in with its cohorts – laziness, writer’s block, negative thoughts etc.

Final thought
If you make things specific enough, it can make your work and life easier. You aren’t complicating things. Try to make it simple and clear, and you will have a better chance at success.

PS: I’m eating a plate of potatoes this afternoon; I don’t know where to get it yet. If you have an idea, send me a mail at or follow me on Instagram @iamhadeh

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