About me

Hadeh writes.

He obeys whatever excites him and he believes separating letters with spaces can produce magic.

He started out as a storyteller at seventeen.

He has put some cool short stories online: The Lady from Wasinmi, Welcome to Lagos (nominated among the top 150 stories in the Union Bank Campus Writing Challenge) and more.

On one Saturday (not sure), he found a secret on his phone. It was the secret to writing that is effective and that sells.

He became mad in love with it to the extent of fasting for days, consuming only the concept of this powerful writing technique.

Many books were consumed raw for that — Boron Letters, JS Adweek and an ocean of blog posts.

He’s now fed and fat with it and ready to make the internet a better place with this type of writing.

He still writes fiction. Take a look at ‘Every Thing You Need to Know About a Male Dog.’

He writes copies. He creates a brilaint angle to products so prospects would be interested.

He writes blog posts. If it isn’t helpful and (a bit) funny, then it’s not written by him.

He is such a big deal, but you can deal with him for a few amount of money for such effective writing services.

Send a mail to simplystringed@gmail.com

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