Play Me Some Strings

Play Me Some Strings

Artful words are like music, and music can be therapeutic.

My father was (is) a writer.

He used to write the minutes for meetings.

And long after a meeting had ended, he would sit up at night to write the minute in a hardback notebook.

Perhaps I inherited that tiny writerly thing from him.

But it took me years to discover it.

And when I did, I messed things up and decided that maybe this wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to 2018, I created by combining a gift (some money) I got from a stranger with my little cash.

It is my attempt to bring back the thing that used to excite me.

This Blog is like Rome

You might have noticed the way words are used here.

Like a musical instrument to appeal to souls.

Like tiny atoms that can bringforth light.

I think that idea of writing soulful stories and pieces was first established with my short story, The Lady From Wasinmi.

And I move forward from there to write ‘Welcome To Lagos‘ which was the top 150 stories in the Union Bank Campus Writing Challenge.

Picking from the feedback from those stories, I think the signs are pointing me somewhere.

And so it is said:

You don’t know you are great, until you start showing the world.

I have received some positive comments from those and many other pieces. (I have gotten more rejections than that, however.) And I want to improve on that.

My aim is to entertain and educate in a different way.

I mean stories, jokes and blog posts that are beautiful like walking through the proverbial city, Rome. And like that city, this blog is a product of continuous practice and experience and experiment.

A place to be

So you are here. I really appreciate that.

If you say, ‘I feel a strong emotion inside of me after reading your posts,’ I will say I’m glad you do.

That’s the underlying aim. And I’m happy to achieve that.

Plus, the contents here are meant to be unique from what you find in a general, newsy, traffic-oriented blog.

After a tired day, you don’t want to listen or read the news that sadden you. All you want is sweet music-like-words.

With that in mind, you are going to get three main things from this blog.

  • Entertainment
  • A direction to exciting life experiences
  • General insight on art and life

I will do my best in those departments. Kind of make me happy, too.

You have to keep your part of this deal

There’s a deal.

You want to make the most of the life you want and without regret.

You want to smile and feel touched emotionally, and things would come alive inside your brain and mind.

That will happen. And you have to do some things for me too.

Oh! I didn’t tell you about it. I will do just that right away.

For all the content you read, don’t be selfish

  • Follow me on Instagram — you will see my young handsome face
  • Work with me — take your blog or product to higher heights
  • Share with your friends — Uhm…Uhm… I will send a thank-you-smiley to your mail inbox

First, forward your mail address (and any suggestion you have) to me at

So welcome to Stringedwords.

My name is long. So call me Hadeh.

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